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Elite Sports Clubs believes in preventative health. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, many health issues can be avoided. We want to see our members reach their goals, no matter what those may be, and therefore strive to provide all of the tools to do so. Elite offers health and diet counseling through our certified dietitians at each of our locations.

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A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just exercise and diet, it's peace of mind as well. Many members come to Elite Sports Clubs just to relax. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, trained and professional staff, as well as the resort-like atmosphere; Elite has become the escape many of our members need from their hectic lives. We are proud to offer such services as massage therapy, saunas, and more. Each of our Elite Sports Clubs locations houses it's very own physical therapy clinic called the SMART Clinic, which stands for "sports medicine and rehabilitation therapy." The SMART Clinic staff are highly educated and certified to provide you the services you need to recover from injury, improve your performance, and maintain a healthy body overall. Best of all, the clinic is in most insurance networks.

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Exercise can greatly reduce serious risks to your health and prevent chronic disease. Therefore, it is important to Elite to provide services to help at-risk patients get started on a regular exercise regimen. "Exercise Is Medicine" is a physician prescribed medical membership to Elite Sports Clubs for 8 weeks during which the member builds up to a maintainable fitness level.