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Elite Sports Clubs is often known as a tennis club, but we are so much more than that. Not only do we feature a full fitness facility, but also quality wood multi-sport courts. Many of our members enjoy getting together for basketball and volleyball leagues on these courts. The leagues are club-organized, reasonably priced, and a ton of fun! Join with a group of friends, or meet some new ones. Elite sports leagues are a great way to get to know your fellow Elite members.

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All of our Elite Sports Clubs have designated pick-up and open court times. These tend to be a very casual way to get together for a quick game of basketball or sometimes volleyball. Don't worry about setting up teams ahead of time, but also feel free to come with a group of friends. Want to play something other than basketball or volleyball? Elite encourages members to explore all of their recreational sports interests and strive to offer as many options as possible. So, whether your intentions are to get better at the game, socialize, or just to keep moving; Elite has something for you. Sports skills and athleticism start at a young age. Elite's sports camps and clinics can help kids to discover their sports interests as well as fine-tune their skills. We hope to provide activities for every age and skill level at Elite Sports Clubs. Our Elite trainers and staff would like to share their experience and love of the game with your child. The majority of our camps & clinics are offered during the summer months, however we do have many throughout the school year as well, including basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and more, not to mention our extensive racquet sports lessons and play.