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Fitness Centers Weight Machine Workout Personal Training
All of our Elite Sports Clubs have state-of-the-art fitness centers and multiple studios at each location. Elite ensures you will get a first-class workout by stocking our clubs with the newest equipment and technology, including Life Fitness, Cybex, Paramount, Matrix, Star Trac, Precor and more while also being sure to maintain each machine for optimum performance. Every cardio machine features a personal cable television. We know you're busy, so we make sure our equipment is available to you, even when we're busy. Elite's dedicated, college educated, certified personal trainers and instructors are at your service. Their knowledge, caring, and positive attitude will motivate anybody. We will get you started by setting attainable goals and timelines. Your trainer put you on a plan that is right for you and your body, while staying by your side every step of the way to encourage and motivate you. You will be taught the proper techniques for exercise and weight lifting, making your workouts more efficient and therefore saving you time and help you see results faster. Interested in Personal Training?

Personal Training Small Group Training Small Group Training
Elite Sports Clubs offer many group training options to its members which can often be more affordable than individual personal training. Training with a small group provides a social environment where you are held accountable for your fitness routine. Some group training programs are as small as 2 people, but others may be as large as 12 people. At Elite we want to make sure we have exactly what our members are looking for, and therefore we are continually developing new group training programs. Interested in Small Group Training?

Junior Fitness Junior Fitness Pilates & Gravity
At Elite we recognize that a strong fitness program is important for the whole family. That's why we offer junior fitness center hours, free group exercise classes, and specialized group training (TNT) for ages 10-14. With a little guidance and knowledge, our younger members can workout safely while still enjoying all of the family-oriented facilities Elite has to offer. Interested in Junior Fitness? Elite Sports Clubs are proud to offer specialized equipment and trainers to help anyone meet their fitness goals. By providing reformer pilates equipment, the gravity training system as well as many other exercise aids, we can cater training sessions to each individual's needs. Through our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment we can better serve our members. Interested in Pilates & Gravity training?