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Elite Sports Clubs has a gifted, strong team of tennis pros. In 2010, Elite Sports Club was the first tennis club in Wisconsin to fully implement the new USTA 10 & Under (QuickStart) format in all of its 10 and under lessons. Our Junior Tennis Program for ages 11-18 has sophisticated lesson plans that progress each week. The team taught tennis lessons develop not just players' rallying consistency, but also a full understanding of strategy, conditioning, and mental toughness. For more information on all Elite Tennis offerings, please see our 2017-2018 Tennis Brochure (PDF). You can also pick up a paper copy at any of our 5 Elite Sports Clubs locations.

2017-2018 Sessions

Session 1:
August 28 – November 26
Session 2:
November 27 – March 4
(off Dec 24-Jan 1)
Session 3:
March 5 – June 10
(off for spring break, River Glen & North Shore: March 26 - April 1 Mequon, Brookfield & West Brookfield April 1 - April 8)

Schedules, Pricing, and Registration

Tennis Lesson Brochure

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Tennis Lesson Coordinators

Brookfield: Mike Dierberger
Mequon: Randy Haws
North Shore: Jon Calvillo
River Glen: Wally Bronson
West Brookfield: Mike Sharp

For Quickstart Invitational, Tournament Squad, or Junior Davis Cup please contact your tennis pro.

QuickStart Tiny Tot

Ages 3 & 4
Your child's fist tennis experience establishes a foundation for hand-eye coordination, basic movement, listening skills, team cooperation and athletic tennis skills. It's a fun-filled introduction to the great lifetime sport of tennis. This class is taught on a 36' Red Court. Open to non-members!

QuickStart 1 & 2

Ages 5-10
A focus on introductory rallying skills and beginning stages of cooperative tennis. Students will learn how to initiate a rally, how to move and judge a ball, and racket control. As they advance, students learn basic tennis tactics and athletic skills, while developing social skills and group attitudes. They will be playing by the end of the session, guaranteed! Open to non-members!

Elite Team Tennis

Ages 11-14
A new version of our famous tennis program. Elite Team Tennis includes 13 hours of training, 2 home practices, and 1 meet with the other Elite clubs. Requires Elite membership. See your tennis pro or member services for information on our Junior Tennis membership!

Future Stars

Ages 11-14
The Future Stars program is designed to introduce the fundamentals of tennis. Players will learn the correct mechanics of each stroke, proper court positioning, and movement, as well as sound strategies for future growth and development. All basic techniques will be reinforced constantly through coordination exercises, competitive fun games, and singles and doubles play. Includes 19.5 hours of drills, 2 home matches, and one quad. Requires Elite membership. See your tennis pro or member services for information on our Junior Tennis membership!


The Excellence class is a player development program that improves the more advanced player's technical skills, as well as mental toughness. High-intensity drills that develop speed, coordination, and overall athletic ability will be a part of this program. Strengths, weaknesses, and current stroke arsenal will be analyzed. Singles and doubles point play will be interspersed with individual attention to ensure that the player's highest potential is reached. Requires Elite membership. See your tennis pro or member services for information on our Junior Tennis membership!