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Elite Sports Clubs' Brookfield location features an indoor, 25 yard pool kept at 81-84 degrees; a coed sauna; and a 12-person coed whirlpool. Our outdoor seasonal facilities feature a 25 yard pool; a kiddie pool; a restaurant; and a playground.

The pools are multipurpose, for all ages, and great for the entire family. They are used for lap swimming, water exercise, swim lessons, open swim, swim club and parties. Come take a dip and enjoy our salt water pools!

Outdoor Pool Hours: 10am-7pm weekdays, 10am-6pm weekends; weather permitting & 70+ degree airtemp.

Swim Lessons

Elite Sports Clubs offers a variety of swim lessons for all ages. Our lessons for the youngest children is called Parent & Tot, which is a parent-child swim class. From there, our swim lessons are in levels 1-4 where beginners start by learning breath control, safety skills, and the crawl; to our more advanced classes where they practice lap swimming with flip turns and refine all the strokes. Adult lessons are also available from the "I want to learn how to swim" adult to refining your strokes.

Group Lessons Session Dates:

Swim Lessons

Lesson Level Descriptions

2017-2018 Sessions

Fall Session 1: 
September 11 - October 21 (Mequon & River Glen only)

Fall Session 2: 
October 30 - December 16 (off 11/20 - 11/25)

Winter Session 1: 
January 2 - February 12

Winter Session 2: 
February 13 - March 26

Spring Session 1: 
April 12 - May 19

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Private Swim Lessons

Want to advance your swimming skills faster than the group, refine specific strokes, or learn how to flip turn while lap swimming? Try private swim lessons. Contact the club Front Desk to schedule private swim lessons.

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Aqua Personal Training

It's your standard Personal Training, but in the water. Build strength and cardiovascular endurance by using water resistance in a low impact environment for your joints.

This training will incorporate specialized equipment to enhance the full use of the water's natural resistance and buoyant qualities.

No prior swimming experience required.

Contact the club Front Desk to schedule your private aqua personal training.

Benefits of Aqua Personal Training

  • Low Impact: Gravity reduced environment helps decrease load on joints while increasing resistance.
  • Improve Your Health: Increase your strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Excellent for Rehabilitation: Increase your lower back strength and flexibility.
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Water Aerobics

Like our other Group Ex classes, but looking for something low-impact, or just different? Try our water aerobics classes which are always FREE to our members. All of our water aerobics classes incorporate cardio and toning. We offer classes at our Brookfield, Mequon and River Glen locations.

Now Featuring:

H2O Blast
Joint-friendly 60-minute cardio class. This class also includes toning exercises.

Take a look at our water aerobic schedule for more details and times.
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Swim Club

Swim Club is for junior swimmers who can swim 50 yards (1 full lap), and would like to improve stroke production in a fun, social environment. Focus will be on competitive swimming skills and endurance.

Swim Club Session Dates:

Swim Lessons

Fall Session: 
November 13 - December 12 (off 11/20-22)

Winter Session: 
January 2 - March 28

Spring Mini Session: 
April 10 - May 16

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